2015 workshop: Frequent Asked Questions

Will there be future events presented by the Data Associations in Global Law & Policy project?

Yes, future public events and research collaborations are planned. Please email dataassociationsworkshop2015@gmail.com to let us know if you'd like to be kept informed of future public events. 

Were workshop proceedings recorded?
No, proceedings of the workshop were not recorded.
The public forum was, however, recorded and an edited transcript and podcast is publicly available through Radio National - see here.

There was also live-tweeting of the event which you can read at @DataAssoc or by searching for the hashtag #DataAssoc.
Will the workshop papers be publicly available?
Draft papers presented at the workshop will not be made available on this website or otherwise (except if presenters elect to make them available on their personal websites), but a selection of the papers will comprise a special themed issue of the journal Big Data and Society – see here.

Whom should I contact with any additional questions?
Please use the workshop email address - dataassociationsworkshop2015@gmail.com.